Kennedy Racing Group is a racing organisation built on the idea of taking world best practises and incorporating them into all aspects of thoroughbred racing. We have a welfare first, horse first focused ethos. World renown horseman Monty Roberts has been involved with the establishment of Kennedy Racing and its team and his ethos will help build and shape our direction and future.

We aim to revolutionise the thoroughbred industry here in Australia with our thoughtfulness and thoroughness to a cruelty free and non violent approach to training. We will have a greater focus on horse welfare around training and nutrition and ensure we consider the horses needs both physically and mentally before anything else.

Kennedy Racing is based at Pakenham Racing Club. The platform for any successful racing stables, begins with state of the art facilities. The facilities have been built for purpose and accommodate our growing field of talented thoroughbreds. Alongside our facility we enjoy the use of the Pakenham Racing Club tracks, with our horses training on the world class 2400 metre, fibre reinforced turf track.

Our model of developing successful race horses begins with careful scrutiny and talented eyes being involved in the selection process. Our head trainer Caroline Jennings and our team bring a wealth of experience in casting a critical eye over any potential horse to ensure that our stable is short listed with promising talent. Our model is not to be the largest, but to be the best.


Kennedy Racing owner James Kennedy has built a team of international experts to share his dream

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