Kennedy Racing is built on the principle of putting its horse’s welfare first. In setting up Kennedy Racing with this idea in mind, owner James Kennedy engaged pre-eminent horse trainer Monty Roberts to advise. Monty has trained horses for over 70 years, adopting his unique and specialised approach to the development of horses, from foals to winning thoroughbred race horses.

Mr Kennedy instils in all of the Kennedy Racing Team one of Monty Robert’s most relevant and guiding theme, “It is not good enough to get your horse to do what you want. It is far better to cause your horse to want to do it”.

The Kennedy Racing Team has a holistic approach that expands and builds upon horse training methodology, by engaging a team of first-class professionals across many equine fields to implement personalised programs for each of its thoroughbreds. Treating each horse as an individual by regular access, inspection and oversight by the head trainer, veterinary professionals and advisors allows us to capitalise on each horse’s growth and identify potential injuries before they occur. We carry out pre-emptive veterinary diagnostic testing to ensure our horses’ health is at its optimum.

We recognise the importance of marginal gains, whether it be from a developmental, physical or psychological point of view. Making adjustments in any area from the horses training regime, nutritional profile or their environment can be critical to a race horse’s development. Ensuring that these areas for marginal gains are identified and appropriate measures implemented has been a key focus in Mr Kennedy gathering a world class team and selecting the best people in their respective fields. Whether it be engaging special advisors or selecting the best riders, strappers and veterinarians, the focus of Kennedy Racing is getting the best people, whilst the horse and its welfare are always prioritised first.

Everything that we do is guided by our horses and the experts around us. At Kennedy Racing we want our horses to have long careers with us, whether that is on the racetrack or off.

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