Chesney van Zyl is the Head Trainer for Kennedy Racing.

South African born trainer, Chesney van Zyl has moved to Victoria taking the role of Head Trainer with Kennedy Racing. The son of champion trainer Gavin van Zyl, Chesney was brought up in a racing family, racing is in his blood. Chesney ran his fathers satellite yard for nine years, building up a notable list of group races under the van Zyl name before taking out his own license.

An all round horseman Chesney spent time as a jockey, just as his father had. His father having a successful jockey career before becoming a trainer. Due to Chesneys weight he had to change career paths, but the experience has given him great knowledge and still today he enjoys riding and feeling all of his horses. He is also a qualified farrier. Chesney confidently takes great pleasure in knowing the horses he trains from head to toe, keeping on top of their general well being.

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