James Kennedy is the founder and owner of Kennedy Racing.

James is also the owner of Kennedy, a luxury watch and jewellery business and the sponsor of the Victorian Racing Club and the Melbourne Cup Carnival since 2017. Commencing as a syndicate member, James’ passion and involvement with racehorses has grown to a desire to establish a racing stable that implements his vision of how a thoroughbred race horse should be nurtured, developed and trained.

James has always identified his range of luxury goods as a fitting match for the mystique and distinction of thoroughbred horse racing. As a syndicate owner and person heavily involved in the horse racing industry, James conceived of a racing organisation that has its primary focus as the health and welfare of its horses as the defining characteristic of its success. From that vision Kennedy Racing was born, with a fundamental underlying principle in the establishment of a horse racing stable that has its focus on providing world leading training and treatment of its stable of horses.

Horse racing is an industry which has often put success on the race track above all else. James intends to revitalise traditional thoroughbred racing techniques through the implementation of Monty Roberts’ welfare focused methodology, creating a successful training stable, and from there successful race horses.

James enjoys having a hands on involvement in the operation of the Kennedy Racing Team, but understands that he has engaged some of the world’s leading people in the equine industry to operate his stables. James’commitment to the Kennedy Racing Team and its principles ensures the presence of a cutting edge, horse welfare orientated organisation into the racing’s continually evolving industry.

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